About John

White Angel Express (aka 'WAX') is a full-service courier and cargo delivery service operated by John Cherubini, Jr., of New Jersey.  Formerly attached to uShip, WAX is now entirely independent and works with several courier contract agencies and is listed on CB Driver.  John started driving for the family business at about age 17 and quickly became reliable to go anywhere, deliver or collect anything, and get back in time for tea break.  He has NO traffic violations or accidents on record.

John drove company vehicles for GTE Support Services in Mount Laurel, NJ, as well as off and on for the family boatbuilding business since the 1970s.  He has worked with courier agencies such as American Expediting of Philadelphia and K&B Courier of Pennsylvania.  Now once again with his own truck he is taking on contract through agencies and private clients.

Get in touch and see how WAX can work for you.

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