WAX rates & restrictions, 2020


The following are governed by actual mathematical and logistical factors and are, in their essence, non-negotiable.

  • Manual lift & load @70 lbs/piece; @700 lbs total per/trip.
  • Responsible party shall provide adequate lift & load labor upon pickup and delivery for any single piece over 60 lbs.
  • Maximum cargo overall = 42" H, 44" W, 80" L.
  • NO pets, passengers, perishables, pianos, big beds, items sensitive to unregulated heat & cold, (unsealed) fluids, firearms or fireworks, alcohol or recreational narcotics, items of questionable legitimacy.

Delivery rates apply ONLY to door-to-door; dock/floor level.  Additional rates may apply for assembly/disassembly, lifting, moving up/down stairs, arranging furniture, waiting around.



The following are examples of 15 October 2021, given in USD.  All rates and other conditions are, in their essence, negotiable and shall be specified in contract.

  • local delivery (within 1st hr / 1st 45 mi) = 36.00 flat rate
  • medium-distance (any beyond 1st hr / 1st 45 mi) = 1.75/mi
  • long-distance (any beyond about 3rd hr / 1st 120 mi) = 1.25/mi
  • delays at stops (unready client or consignee); when constrained by client’s prescribed route or schedule = add 9.00 per 1/4-hr, billable by 1/4-hr
  • moving, arranging, extra-contractual labor for client = add 9.00 per 1/4-hr, billable by 1/4-hr
  • delivery or pickup in New York City or Washington, DC = add 45.00
  • delivery or pickup in other major city, including Philadelphia, Baltimore, & the like = add 36.00
  • tolls, when on route or schedule prescribed by client = at cost (may be waived, depending on circumstances)
  • parking fees, when delivery-vehicle free parking is not available = at cost
Information given here may not reflect all recent changesask!

Regular scheduled routes are typically discounted from these; ask!

Remember this is for EXPEDITED SERVICE - one cargo, one trip, one truck (safest and quickest way to ship) - WAX specialty.
- JC2

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