What WAX can do for you

Anything in this van, from anywhere to anywhere, any time!  

2005 Chevrolet Astro Van of White Angel Xpress courier service at Delran, New JerseyWhite Angel Express is a full-service courier and cargo service providing EXPEDITED delivery throughout the operating area.  That means your stuff is not being thrown in on top of other people's stuff (LTL) or dropped off at a loading dock for someone else to pick up (freight transfer). WAX is a personal courier service working for YOU, treating your stuff with the respect it deserves.

WAX is known for being fast, reliable, gentle, discreet, professional, and personable - won't embarrass you in front of your clients, staff and business principals in the office or on the site.  Using WAX you have a loyal partner in business who's easy to work with and helpful in many ways.


Whatever you have:
- documents; prototypes; tools, office equipment; bicycles; boat & auto parts; furniture & appliances; show exhibits; models & artwork; musical instruments; stage/theatrical; medical and environmental samples; engineering/architectural....

Can go to and from:
- airports; performance venues; trade shows; office parks; hospitals & courthouses; residences; construction sites; yacht yards; school, college & university....

Blanket-wrap, crated, palletized, wheeled cargo = no problem (within size & weight limits).  Trailer-towing not available now but soon; ASK!

Eager to work with businesses either for regular routes or on-call.  Local and long-distance rates available; inquire with schedule and cargo info.  Uncomplicated payment options available; ASK!

Expert in navigating all of south & central New Jersey; eager to take on 856, 609, 732, 215, 610, 717, 302, 410 areas promptly and efficiently.  Long-term, long-distance, and daily/weekly/ monthly routes considered.  Certain restrictions may apply; ASK!

Also available for stevedore (foreman for household/business moves) and field liaison services (your man on-site); ASK!
Clean driving, health, and legal records.


ALL work is subject to WAX carriage policy, available to interested parties via e-mail (.pdf) and applicable revisions as stipulated in contract.  For documentation purposes, all cargoes are photographed as-loaded and as-delivered; all contact during commission of contract is by text message, e-mail or voice mail.  All deliveries are documented upon consignment and delivery via person-to-person hard-copy signatures.

- NO passengers; pets; perishables; pianos; items sensitive to heat & cold; big beds; (unsealed) chemicals or liquids; firearms or fireworks; items of questionable legitimacy.
- manual lift & load: 75 lbs/piece.
- max cargo/trip: 42" H, 44" W, 80" L; 700 lbs.
- door-to-door or dock-to-dock delivery only; moving up/down stairs, furniture arranging, dismantling/reassembly = extra fees and only per contract.
- special insurance requirements are generally left up to client, not carrier.

Standard rates apply, subject to contract.

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 Since 1994.

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