Tuesday, November 16, 2021

To be needed

For nearly the whole COVID-related shutdown, lock-in, mandated-isolation period (March 2020-June 2021), WAYS was engaged in delivering high-priority medical supplies (TPN bedside nutrients) to regional hospitals in Pennsylvania, central New Jersey, Delaware, and urban Philadelphia. This work entailed collecting samples at the industrial pharmacy and, following all appropriate COVID protocols, delivering through (usually) emergency entrances. 

Noddy awaits a pickup at pharmaceutical supplier in Horsham, PA, 9 May 2021.

While less than ideally profitable this was very necessary work performed conscientiously and reliably during a very difficult time in the nation’s history. 

Tuesday, December 8, 2020


Philadelphia - Nashville - Philadelphia

Due to one already-scheduled long-distance delivery, during which the truck is likely to be lightly loaded, WAX is able to offer some discounts for pickups and deliveries along the route.  These rates will be in effect between 27 December 2020 and 4 January 2021.

The route is expected to include:

  • Departure from southern NJ (856 area);
  • US-30 (Lincoln Highway) west: Chester - Chambersburg
  • I-81 south: Chambersburg - Knoxville
  • I-40 west: Knoxville - Nashville
  • and return.

If you've got anything for pickup or delivery within about 50 miles of this route, do ASK! - and see if WAX can provide you with quick, careful service at better-than-usual rates.

Further dates for the same route may be forthcoming; for now this is the only such route on the schedule.

Information about cargo sizes, weights and types, and about standard rates, can be found elsewhere on this website.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Monday, Feb 3rd

The coolest thing about the Big Apple is that on any given day you're bound to see at least one TV show filming.
White Angel Xpress delivery in New York City February 2020
East 42nd Street

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Saving you money

I’ve been driving for work since about 1976 and one thing I’ve learned is that it’s expensive for a business to keep an on-staff driver and company vehicle if they're not using them every minute.  In the 1980s I worked in physical distribution for GTE Support Services and was assigned to deliver a faulty 100-lb power supply to the makers 80 miles up into northern NJ, wait about 90 minutes, and bring back a replacement and a few others. After this had wasted the whole day, I advised my boss that we all would have made out much better had I clocked out for the day, driven my own truck, and charged them a reasonable rate as a contractor.

Ever since then I’ve been keenly aware that many companies lose atrocious amounts of money unnecessarily, often because they just don’t feel comfortable trying something they haven’t done before - like calling me!

White Angel eXpress is one way I can help your business keep delivery-service costs down.  The more you use me, the more you save.  If you want to ship something somewhere, in a way that ensures your goods are not just another box to a big-name carrier but are cared-for with personal attention, and most importantly are collected and delivered promptly (same day), get in touch and you’ll see the benefits too.

- JC2

Noddy goes south

2005 Chevrolet Astro Van of White Angel Xpress courier service at Bridgeport, New Jersey

October 2018 - peliminary walk-through of (undeveloped) section of land in Logan Township, NJ.  Have been considering this for some time; still haven't decided to go for it and settle here.  Very desirable, room to build and to base a business.  A little out of the way but lovely.

Noddy at the Shore

2005 Chevrolet Astro Van of White Angel Xpress courier service at Fortescue, New Jersey

October 2018 - dropped off some parts for client in boating business and took a 'lunch break trip' to nearby Fortescue, lovely old fishing town.  Delaware Bay lies in background.

Unlike many people, I put on the back of the truck only stickers of stuff I actually buy, use and/or support.  It's not, however, a complete list! 

(None of the dents on this poor truck are from me.  At least I keep it clean.)

Noddy gets new shoes

2005 Chevrolet Astro Van of White Angel Xpress courier service at Delran, New Jersey

October 2016 - just done at Mavis Tires, Delran NJ.  Noddy (so named for the very bad front shocks that were immediately replaced when I got it) was a former fleet vehicle that (at least for tail end of its time there) was indifferently maintained.  Poor thing ran terribly with so-called 'proper' truck tires - hard ride, loud, poor handling, poor fuel economy.  Here it is fitted with traditional 'wagon wheels' by US Wheel, coutesy of Summit Racing Equipment, and new tires - which at this time happen to be General Altimax 225R60/16 rear and Cooper 205R60/16 front (at first I had 15" Altimax on front but wheels did not fit with new brakes).  Runs and handles like a race car now.

Noddy is regularly maintained by Caplan Engines and Service, Beverly, NJ.  Indescribably excellent service there - call and ask for Shawn.

(None of the dents in this poor truck are from me.  I don't damage vehicles.)

- JC2

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Saving you money

I’ve been driving for work since about 1976 and one thing I’ve learned is that it’s expensive for a business to keep an on-staff driver...