Saturday, February 1, 2020

Noddy gets new shoes

2005 Chevrolet Astro Van of White Angel Xpress courier service at Delran, New Jersey

October 2016 - just done at Mavis Tires, Delran NJ.  Noddy (so named for the very bad front shocks that were immediately replaced when I got it) was a former fleet vehicle that (at least for tail end of its time there) was indifferently maintained.  Poor thing ran terribly with so-called 'proper' truck tires - hard ride, loud, poor handling, poor fuel economy.  Here it is fitted with traditional 'wagon wheels' by US Wheel, coutesy of Summit Racing Equipment, and new tires - which at this time happen to be General Altimax 225R60/16 rear and Cooper 205R60/16 front (at first I had 15" Altimax on front but wheels did not fit with new brakes).  Runs and handles like a race car now.

Noddy is regularly maintained by Caplan Engines and Service, Beverly, NJ.  Indescribably excellent service there - call and ask for Shawn.

(None of the dents in this poor truck are from me.  I don't damage vehicles.)

- JC2

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